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How To Design A WhatsApp Status Video For All Love Proposal People

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Hi guys if you want this love lyrical WhatsApp status video then download all the links which I have provided below.

Follow up our process to get a love lyrical what’s app status video edit with kinemaster application.

If you want to try bad girl whatsapp status video, make now 

How To Design A WhatsApp Status Lyrical Editing

WhatsApp status video editor canvas replication.
Use our steps to get stunning video and your fantabulous affects which we had added.
Firstly we need to add background image and then you need to add template.
After adding the template you need to fix to screen by using blending option.

next add the images of your own and convert your images into PNG form so that you looks amazingly in the video.
Next at the lyrical video which gives a love effect in the video.
after adding all those files make some adjustments to look the video fantabulously and very effectively which I had created in the channel.

if you want more editing videos then follow our channel to get exciting videos and follower updates in Instagram and Facebook.
I hope all you guys love this editing videos so start editing by using our guidelines wants to be a perfect editor.

1) green screen video link:- Download

2) lyrical video link:- Download

3) Avee player template link:- Download

4) border image link:- Download

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