Now you can know few excellent editing tips which are available in capcut application. guys, do you know how to apply keyframe and anime type editing in capcut application. well each editing app has their own features, know which editing app can give best results at that moment, now you can know how to edit keyframe editing tutorial simply.

Also, know trending blur effect with AE in capcut app

Capcut KeyFrame 2 Clips | KeyFrame Capcut Tutorial | Anime Edit Tutorial Capcut Smooth

This guide help as a complete tutorial, more than 10 min tutorial, so, we have covered maximum steps clearly to understand each one. let me share the process and music link.

How To Make New Trending Reels Video Editing 2023

You can make another best Instagram reels editing in a better way, to make that video, here is the materials.

All materials:- Download

In our example editing, i have applied some steps, just follow them blindly get results, but get better option through focus. Open capcut app, if you dont have install from play store, connect vpn service to work capcut. next upload few images, next add background music, download that music from here.

Now identify beats. mark bear marks, don’t use auto beats.


Set video length, and beat music, adjustments. now select first photo and decrease size little bit, next choose canvas option and select colour. Next step key framing. set slow then big size, repeat same procedure to total video.

Music link:- Click here

Like this you can complete video manually, keyframe 2, also one method explained in our video, check that one once.

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