How To Get Free Fire Top Up Diamonds Free Dimitri Character

DIMITRI character released in freefire game, to own character required 200 diamonds, direct top up, full bundle 500 diamonds only, present special offer going on (12-18). After that full bundle 900 diamonds.

Dimitri character free topup trick

How To Get Free Top Up Diamonds In Free Fire

Hi friends, welcome back to another freefire diamonds rewads tutorial, in this video I’m covering the best deal for to get more did diamonds with better discount. I’m very happy to sharing this with you all gamers, grab this deal if you liked it, so don’t skip or ignore to read this page completely.

Very less time you have to own Dimitri, so try to use this trick, may be you can own in time.

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Hey, free fire gamers, do you know what is the use of Dimitri character in free fire game?

Dimitri is an active skill, like Alok and crono, woukong, etc. May you all owned Alok or crono, and you have aware.

Is there any possible to get own review?

Yes! This amazing feature launched few days back. You can do self revive,l. how?

How to do self revive?

Top up 200 diamonds get Dimitri character, this active skill can allow you get self revive.

Now no need to ask or beg for revive when you knock down, if you owned Dimitri character you can get own revive option.

If you are looking to own this fabulous character for free, this page for you.

How to get free fire diamonds freely using working apps, I have covered many apps, which can give profits for your hard work.

This is an another opportunity to get more and more diamonds freely.

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