Real gamer never tied to playing games, today article brought you 5 high quality, high range games, before you download the games make you good internet connection, high size games.

Also paly high graphic low mb size games 

Play High Range Games

High size so you can get good interest,

5 games list with Download link

Trail Extreme 4  extreme bike racing champions

Racing Game, Best online pvp racing game you can play with new friends from all around the world, also you can win best surprise gifts, real cash etc.

High graphics, Size Variation will be depending on the deice, 200 + levels are ready to finish so you can play more time with new friends, new challenges.

high graphic games


Mow Zombies

Casual game developed by the Digital Native, a challenge game this game play very interesting as developers said, you have to save your world from dangerous zombies, so fight with various weapons and finish zombies, win level.

Click here To Download Game

Magic Rampage

Next game is Role Playing, 4.7 rating means more people liked to play this game most time so if you ever tried to play this game try now, share your experience with us. size of the game 95 MB.

Download magic rampage game.

Fastlane Road to Revenge

Really good game this game also has 4,6 rating,more than 4.5. good game play, increase speed of your race and chase in front of cars complete the race.

Download the Fastlane Road to Revengev


Role playing category game, 4.0 rating, size 29 MB, depending on the your phone model. Fantastic RPG game, who want to try new games download now and play.

Download Dawnbringer Game

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