Welcome back to one more editing tutorial in vn app. VN editing app for android works as software, this app works as a pro software to make amazing video editing for your Instagram reels. Typical video may not get good views, if you apply some extra features or effects to that video you can gain more popularity, do something better than other. To learn such editing option follow our editing regularly.

Also, try lyrical editing using can app

Best Trending Instagram Reels Video

Steps step process can give easy way to make yourself in your mobile, so if you have any doubts and errors, you can contact us or watch out our tutorial now. So far we have covered many new effects, now one more effect introducing here. Many of them don’t know about each effect, that why we are testing each effect in vn editing app. So if you need any materials according this example video, you can get from Thai page.

Now open vn editing app, if you don’t installed yer, get from play store and complete the installation process.

Now every steps is important, like wise keep following is in all social media for more latest updates.

Download the material:- Click here .

We are using halo blur effect, this effect gives new style when you apply to your images. Let me share the details of each steps.. you have to use Vita app also. Initially we have to work on Vita app,  upload video and get the results with effects.

Halo blue, bling effect available in Vita app, so do complete that important step. Remaining editing complete through vn editing. Very simple one ever one can do simply once you know the process. I hope you can do it simply on your mobile. Thanks for your support.

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