Hi guys, we are again here with another excellent editing guide, in this guide we are taking about how to do iphone colour grading. Now Some features can do iphone works in android very simply. iphone is the all round and high expensive budge mobile, so many of you not afford. but if you are looking to do iPhone quality editing in any mobile, you are in the right place to get the process.

Also, try montage video editing app

Iphone Colour Grading In Vn App | Iphone Video Effects

Open VN editor app, if you don’t have install now, you can turn your ugly images to quality images, there are many filters available, but you have to know how to apply exact one. let me introducing new effects to and demo sample files, you can easily save and create your self.

Take aq normal video in vn editor new project, next you have to do colour grading, this guide only shows you colour grading options. Filters can give automatic iphone grading changes.

Do you know how to change sky effects in vn editor.

Do not worry of you dont have iphone, still you have chances to enjoy iphone effects on android mobile. this is very easy and best method to work n your mobile without any paid service. just learn from this free guide and apply to iphone effects to any photo using vn editing application. now all you need to know some editing sill.

iPhone new filter cube1 latest

iPhone filter:- Check out hereĀ 

Now there are many aps out to get iphone features and interface on android mobile.

I have saved that filter, you can use directly through import option. link 2:Download.

Next adjust saturation, brightness, sharpness, etc. very simple steps can convert your normal video to phone capture video.

Download iphone effect:- check here

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