Pokemon go compressed game for Android

Hey everyone, now you are going to play best popular game in your android mobile which is Pokemon game. Crazy trending game.

Download Pokemon Game Only 25 MB, Compressed

In this latest article I’m going to show you how to install Pokemon game under 50 Mb, only 25 mb, highly compressed game.

Pokemon game support with Full HD in your mobile, Graphics not decrease while playing, this low size game file, install steps are inside this page check out now.

Pokemon game download android

Download Pokemon Game

Get the drive link of pokemon game from here.


I’m going to show you how to play Pokemon Game in your android phone with complete step by step guide. Pokemon game has been Trending from several years but still some people are getting errors while Installing and some body don’t now how to download.

Steps Involved To Download The Game

Very important steps are involved to install the game so watch carefully our video.

First of all Download Required files,

Download Pokemon go data file. 23 MB file.

Emulator: Now Required one Emulator so get the latest version of Emulator link. Click here

Size 12 MB Only.

Before that make sure you had z archiver app or not. If not installed yet or accidentally deleted install now. Because this is very important in the Installation process.

Now open z archiver and extract file what we did in the Installation process.

Watch this video

Very interesting game play, through out world has been playing.

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