Hi guys if you want to create this video then download all the links given below and follow our procedure to make your fantabulous king effect WhatsApp status video edit with kinemaster application.

Love type category Lyrical Editing Status Video Template, get now

How To Manage This New Creation

for creating this video you need to download all the links given below which makes energetic king video by using our guidelines.
for creating this video mainly you need to select the ratio which we had selected and add the background images of your own which you say support to add all the layers.
Next add the images of your own which gives special effect to the video.

1) king green screen video link:- Download

2) colourful template link:- Download

After adding your images add the template which give special effect to the video.
Next add the king text which gives tremendous look to the video.

Next at the lyrical video which gives a exact meaning to the video.
After adding all those files at the border image that gives a marvellous affected the video.
after reading all the files maximum just must to look the video perfectly as you seen in the demo video.

3) smoke video link:- Download

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