5 Best Characters In Garena Free Fire Must Try

Free Fire game is a battle royal game developed by 111 Dots Studio for both Android and iOS and published by Garena. It’s believed that it’s one of the most downloaded mobile games globally in 2020. It was given an award for the Best Popular Vote Game by Google Play Store in the year 2019. Today it has more than one billion active users across the world.

Top 5 free fire characters

Try 5 Best Free Fire Characters

The enhanced version of the Free Fire game Garena or Free Fire Max is being developed. After PUBG mobile game, it’s one of the most popular mobile games. It is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.
This game has around 50 characters and each character is unique and has distinct abilities. When it comes to choosing the best character among the 50s, it is quite tricky to pick up the best ones. However, with the varied capabilities of each character, it’s a bit simple to select though. If you’re a beginner to this game and would like to know the top five best characters, then we, in this post, present the top 5 best characters in the Free Fire game. Each and every character in this game plays a significant role.
Below is the list of the top five best Characters in the Free Fire game.

1. Alok: Alok has a potential ability known as Drop the Beat which produces an aura of 5m and aggregating its follower’s speed by around 15%. It can rejuvenate five HP for around 15 seconds. Owing to the power of restoring the ability to HP, the Alok is the best character in the Free Fire game. The Alok Character is considered to be the best character in each and every respect. If you like to play with friends in crew or wish to play alone, then Alok character is the best choice for you. Irrespective of whether you’re an alone player or playing with friends or others in the group, the healing ability will be helpful on the battlefield.

Second Best Character In the Free Fire

2. Chrono: With Time-Turner ability, Chrono designs an energy field that prevents rivals from entering a battlefield. The player and his followers’ speed movement improve by 40% and 20% respectively within the field. When players indulge in fighting on the battlefield, Time-Turners’ technique is helpful. This character is insurmountable for a short period of time. With a mere one button, this character becomes indomitable. Players in this game will not encounter any issues for a short period of time.
3. K: K has distinct abilities in the Free Fire game and is unique among all characters. K is a scholar and knows jiu-jitsu well. Ks’ followers within 12m diameter, get a 500% increase in the EP conversation rate in Jiu-jitsus’ mode. He has the ability to get up to 100 EP every three seconds in psychology mode. K’s known as Captain Booyah. It’s one of the recent characters in the Free Fire game. He is regarded as Master of All.

4 th Best Character

4. Jai: With a peculiar ability known as ‘Raging Reload’, guns’ magazine gets reloaded automatically by around 30% of its capacity with every knockdown. However, its capacity to reload is confined to AR, SMG, SG, and guns. With this character, players no need to be concerned about killing. It’s beneficial if the player is interested in playing this game quite intensively and can knock down the rival swiftly with his gun. This character, with 45% maximum capacity reloading, allows players to look for more intensive aspects on the battleground.

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5. Jota: Jota with the powerful ability ‘Sustained Raids’ can rejuvenate 25 HP by using Shotguns and SMGs with every killing. With each killing, the recovered HP gets increased to 40 at the highest level 6. It’s helpful when the fighting takes place very closely.

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