You can create velocity editing in various editing apps, so far we have covered apps and capcut apps. now we are continuing velocity editing with another popular editing app. download alight motion app, through here we can attach new styles like shake effect and etc.

Also, try how to create playvideo status in alight motion

Through this method can try all editing app users, velocity effect applicable to your editing video. use photo or video it can allow. you can turn your photo to video using shake effects. let me give proper information along with example, please try to grab all details. you need one xml file while creating in alight motion app, now you can save that file to export.

First you have to follow some steps,

  1. step 1 open alight motion app and import xml file.
  2. select 16;9 ratio.
  3. This is little mixed with capcut app, so use capcut app as shown in the video, sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Add slow and speed effects, remove extra details.
  5. this is little bit confuse you, so get details.
  6. copy some details from xml file and past in present editing file.

Also check how to find shake effect and other blur option to apply in between the video this you can do crazy editings.

Now i am adding required xml file here, download now..

every one can create using our watching guide, also we will support you to create amazing editing using your mobile . no need any paid software or PC.

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