Hi friends, welcome to VN app fasting Editing guide. In this guide you are going learn how to edit your photos, video very fabulously without any errors. To create such type of editing you must get skills from tutors. Today I’m sharing my experience with all my lovely followers who are really expecting expensive things from me. You can learn any editing apps and softwares, but check all features then proceed to learn.

Also, 5 pro tips in kinemaster app

VN App Montage Tutorial, How To Do Speed In VN Editing App

VN Editing app simulator kinemaster app, but you will see some changes, this is very simple application to create photos to video with favourite lyrical and backgrounds.

To learn about this fantastic app, first download and install from this page.

1) Now open the app and click on the plus button add photos from your gallery, you can select videos too whenever you need.

I have selected more than 10 images, for large video creation. You can get option below the crop, delete, trim, enhance, etc.

2) Next choose video size for different platforms like tiktok, instgram, reels, story, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

3) for each photo you will see plus button, just click and add some effects ilke zoom, like this you will get many extra effects try them while creating video. Like this vou can create simply best vn speed editing.

4) you can adjust image timing, increase, decrease time duration.

5) select any video background format, the. Apply blending ratio. It’s gives new background to your images perfectly. Looks the video coming very nicely.

6) Now adding music. Now this is what people want mostly, so click on the music button, then apply your favourite music or song from storage.

Like this you can apply many filters and background, i am providing many filters background in this page. You can use them anytime.

7) finally you have to save the video, for that click on the export button, choose ratio and quality, end save the video.

100% video editing software for pc windows Download

I’m simply way we have showed, so you can try in your mobile also through installing vn Editor app.

Very attractive editing informing you, just utilise opportunity now.

Colour filter:-

Download video effects.

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