Hi guys, welcome to this approach, in this page i have covered couple of important matters which are very useful to clear your problems while editing preset & XML editing video on Android without any issues.

Also, try how to change sky effect video editing using alight motion

How To Solve Present& HML Effect in Alight Motion App

Alight motion is a famous and unique video creating app to apply motion and particle effect and filters. There is another important question has been rising, that is how to import hml and present files. I have explained very easily in this page with example.

How to create HDR & brown colour editing in alight motion using images or videos.

Open alight motion app, import present and XML files, all files and alight motion app link added here, get one by one.

Here the best working version of alight motion and remaining files given.

Check here for all materials:-

Prest  Download

Xml  Click here

Alight motion  Download

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