Hello friends here you see the editing video which is for wedding invitation it is quite awesome and very effective which you definitely like it.

there are alot of recreation in the separating videos which I had used the template for about this editing video for wedding.

Special neon effects editing, click here


for creating this video you need to keep a lot of concentration while adding the images and all the text which I had used that in a clear manner explained clearly in the video so make a clarity of adding the the templates on all the required files which I had used step by step which will get a clear clarification about all the regarding doubts for this editing video.

So start editing by using the files which I had given in a link given below.
the only thing you need to do if you need to add the template and you need to add all the files and regarding date of weddings and venue of the wedding anniversary and you need to add the colourful fonts of bride and bridegroom names.

you need to add the colourful and extraordinary files in this application by using the tips which had shown in the video.
so get a clear cut idea for this editing video on start editing by using the tricks which had shown and explain the clearly in this wedding invitation editing video.

1) marriage invitation template link:- Download

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