Hi friends if you are very interested in editing then learn editing which will gives an excellent result and make your work smart and easy .

For this editing use the kinemaster application , it is one of the bests app which will gives a perfect finishing of the video without any delay or confusion .

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Make Sure Creating

So this kinemaster app having a fantabulous options like in animations, overall animations , out animations , blending option , cropping option , colour filter option and so on
It will be very effective after you add all the features in the kinemaster application .
So for creating this fantastic love lyrical what s app status video download all the links given below .

background video link:- Download

2) hart PNG link:- Download

Add step by step and get more excited editing videos like this .
If you need some more creativity to the video then you can add it from the kinemaster applications .
First add the images of the couples or you can add your images which gives a stunning look to the video .
Next add the Lyrical video and use the blending option for this video set to screen .
Next add the template which will be very effective after you had added .
Next add the border image for the excellent outlook to the video .

3) lyrical video link:- Download

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