How to earn diamonds to purchase a character or skin or weapons, etc. If you have diamonds you can play game extraordinarily. Is Diamonds plays the main role in the free fire game?

FreeFire is a free royal battle game for mobiles, the size of game 700 mb. You can play the game with minimum specification mobiles too. If you have special character in the game you can play the game very interestingly, because you can continue game.


How To Get Free Fire Diamonds Without Paytm Wallet Required

This is an amazing trick to get free fire diamonds. Initially you have to follow trick task and conditions successfully. Now I will share the link and details of the trick.

Visit link. Look at the interface of the site.

Signup with your credentials and use the trick. If you didn’t signup the result will not reflect to your account.

You have to select the task among 8+, finish that with your general knowledge.

Check your luck using spin option. Like this many task and features are there.

You can use all the options to earn coins, once I’d have limited coins you can redeem.

Check out the wallet and continue task. Daily coins gives more benifit.

Download The App

This is just a trick. Try and earn. If you want how to use the app, watch my Tutorial. We are not giving any diamonds, please you may ask developers. Thank you.


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