Make Fast Beat Transition effect editing to your video or learn how to create high beat transition effct video, here overall method explained in step by step including required materials, follow this page til end and get what need to make same video in your mobile, check demo video once, that create high curiosity to you, same method you can apply on your girl images.

YOu can try kinemaster transition tutorial and download

High Beat Transition Video Editing In Capcut App

To complete beat transition video editing i have selected capcut app, you have to choose same, you can get the app ink from this page. after installed capcut app in your android mobile, next save one video which help you while creating.

this is very simple method steps, lets start. you must use quick vpn or any vpn to work on capcut app, you can not use in local region, dont forget otherwise you may you can not work on capcut app. vpn download, click here.

  • Open new project, now you have to upload downloaded video which available in this page.
  • use extract audio option, extract audio. next your use split option and remove image from the video after audio extract as shown in the video.
  • next you have to add or upload photos form your gallery, click on image fit on screen.
  • next generate auto beats, for that click on match cut, choose auto generate. now you got beat dots, at each dot use split option separate video and remove extra image part.
  • next apply effect, click on animation, click on combo apply train 1 effect.
  • Next use train 2 effect,
  • train 3, etc. train 4, etc apply for each photo.

Video link:- download

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