Today our topic is top 5 smart apps for Android phones, you can use them when it is required state, so guys I hope you may can learn some good things from these top 5 best apps, you can download easily from here.

Top 5 Simple Apps For Android

As usual we are here with you some best apps for Android mobiles, I hope you can download all apps, and tell us your downloaded app via comment section.

Don’t weast time, let’s get started.

List of our today top 5 best apps

  • Hi translate
  • App sales
  • Fontee
  • Avee music player
  • Modish launcher

Guys above all apps have good rating in google play store and Useful apps also.

Don’t skip,read apps description.

Our first app

1) Hi Translate App

This is very useful app for all language lovers, you can translate from unknown language to known language easily. Even you can translate your chat easily. Just download this app and set language which you know well.

This is very simple way to understand different language chats.

Download the hi translate app.

App size only 5.7 MB.

Next app

2) App Sales

Through this app you can download all android apps, if you want to know more about this app watch our video and download the pal from here.

Download the App sales app.

App Size 5.9 M

3) Fonteee

Really this amazing app for creating quotations, wishes, more features included here.

Download fonteee app

4) Avee Music Player App

This is used as a music player, with this app you can open music, all songs visible in a order, album, video play back capacity available.

You can adjust settings easily.

Download the Avee Music app.

App size 3.9 MB.

5) Modish launcher 2019

Best themsĀ  available in this app and you can set them anytime with out any charges, this app use likes a launcher, this app useful like multipurpose. You can download and use for more details or watch about video completly.

Download the app modish launcher 2019.

Apps size 2.8 MB only.

Guys, thank you for you are here. Don’t forget to share if you like it.


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