Hello, guys welcome to this blog and today we are going to tell you about some best funny tricks on google, here all are using google chrome browser if anyone not using, below link available download the app.

Now we will see the list what are the top funny google tricks how they can give fun.

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Funny Tips

List is

  1. Askew
  2. Do a Barrel Roll
  3. Zerg Rush
  4. Underwater
  5. Google 1998
  6. Thanos
  7. Google Gravity


Just type this word in chrome browser and see the fun, the result is page appears little bend. You can enjoy this tip.

Do a Barrel Roll (or) Row

Our next word is doing a barrel roll or row, type this word in chrome browser, let see the fun google rotates 360 if you enter doing a barrel roll 20 google page rotates 20 times.

Zerg Rush

Search this word in google chrome, the result is google will eat all showed websites, one by one finally you can see an empty page.


Type this word and see the magic google dip into the water and it will work or not just comment us. Tyep search button many time and see the fun.

Google 1998

After entering this word, it will take you old google page was 1998, and search results also same in 1998.

Google Gravity

After entering the word, you can see the magic google collapse completely down.


This one of the famous word all over the world, I hope you may know it earlier if you don’t know, enter the word and you can see the hand on the right side, tap on it, all website start erasing one by one, if you want  to see again click on the same hand.

Download the Chrome browser.

Guys, I hope you can enjoy this article, with fun tips.

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