Hi guys, today we are introducing 5 fabulous apps those very useful in our day to day life. In previous articles, we have discussed the top 5 amazing apps. you can read them also.

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Download Top 5 Amazing Android Apps


  1. Touch Blocker – Block screen touch
  2. Automatic Background Changer
  3. Niagara Launcher
  4. Copy Text On Screen
  5. SystemPanel 2
  6. Wave live paper

Touch Blocker App

This is the best app for all youtube users, you can see a lot of features in this app. stop unwanted touches with this app, you can stop automatic touch.

Active touch blocker app, open any video

You can keep your phone in your pocket and listen.

The app is available at under 5MB.

App Information

This app Updated December 25, 2018
Touch Blocker App Size 2.9M
Current Version 2.2.0
Requires Android 4.3 +
Download the app.

Automatic Background ChangerĀ 

With this app, you can change photo background easily. If you don’t know how to edit photo background you can use this app.

You can use a saved background.

App Size 5.4MB

Installs 1,000,000+

Requires Android 4.4 and up

Download the app.

Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is used to make your phone home screen neatly with different famous designs and you can open any app easily with a click on the alphabet letter.

There are a lot of designs available you can choose the best among them.

App size is Varies with the device.

Rating of this app is 5.0.

This app offering By Peter Huber.
Download the app.

Copy Text On Screen

Our next app is copytext on-screen app, really this is the best way to copy any text on anywhere. There is a simple process so you can really work on it.

The process (0r) How to use.

  • First, download the app and install.
  • In the app, open camera option selects any image file.
  • Now crop the file, remove unwanted text.
  • Now you can ENc button Click on it.
  • After that, click on the copy button.
  • Past in anywhere.

App info

App size is 3.7 MB.

Download the app click here.

SystemPanel 2

This app gathers all data about your device.

You can see in live how you’re using your phone.

Internet Data, battery consumption, type o fps app consumption data every data available here.

system specifications, etc.

Download the app. App size 3.5 MB.

Additional App For you.

Wave live paper

Set alive wave wallpaper on your screen, it can you give more attractive to your display. app download link and app features, using process watch in the video.

Set live wallpapers easily.

App link. Download

App size 60 MB.

Rating of app is 4.5 out of 5.

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