Instead of copying an uploading whats app status why dont you try to upload self making video using your photos with latest flip effects using alight motion app and xml, preset files. well if you are ready to make self making status video, we are going to show you how make successfully without any mistakes. you can get support from us. lets go.

new lyrical status making with latest effects in alight motion

Hey buddies, now you have follow some important steps, because this is not a direct editing you have to use one xml and one preset files, if you follow our video guide you can grab the steps easily, then you will not get any confusion. finally you are ready to make photos to video making editing.

Guys another video editing is here along with materials, this is also done in alight motion app, you can consider as one more editing. if anybody new to this page, you can get video materials. use them properly to make best attractive editing.

i hope you understand and can make this amazing editing on your mobile using this simple steps. also, we have covered a steps included guide.

Click here to get effects materials ;-

let me give the latest editing video materials.  in this video effects are major materials, so that’s why i m sharing with you.

photo to video editing

In this way you can add background songs, lyrics, background effects, etc. like this you can make surprises for girlfriend birthdays, etc.

download alight motion app, click here

XML file:- Click here

Preset Image :- Download

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