Hi friends welcome back to new lyrics video, after little gap we created another stunning editing video for status, you may use for any social media certainly. Let me share a quick guide along with required file, let start.

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How To Create Stunning Lyrics Editing In Alight Motion

This is very quick guide using alight motion app. The very first step is download alight motion if you not using yet. Next you want a file to make video very simple. This is good format so just look a demo video once, then you definitely Start making.

Open alight motion app, you have upload alight motion XML file. File works only through alight motion app, i have already cleared errors, so check that page or guide also.

Finally you can create stunning alight motion editing video in your mobile, with out any error.

Process:- Open alight motion app, select screen size, 9:16. create project. next upload a song, import music from album. next import photos from media. next apply moments to images. side, up and down moments. alight motion for ios, download

Next apply angles to rotate photo, apply zoom in, out. Now take a symbol to apply small lightning effects, use blending option. next add effects. now upload preset form which you saved. next add lyrics, you video completed, save and export, if you suppose to do more editing, then follow us.

Alight motion editing file:-Download

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