how to create 3d zoom with strobe special effect trending editing video in Capcut app using your images or nay models. this is latest updated editing, very rare editing but trending Instagram reels type video format. to create similar video in your mobile using required materials, this is the right place to get exact materials for free.

you can get , sky effect capcut editing

Capcut 3D Zoom With Strobe Effect Video Editing

When technology gives more efficiency to create amazing editing we have to utilise them in the proper way,in that case we have used this latest 3d design and strode type editing effect with example steps. let follow this editing to get more editing.

to make this editing more better you have to use capcut application, free app, no need to worry, you can use in any mobile without errors, use vpn at the same time. so you have complete details, now you have to complete process.

first download save given template or materials. for that check given below link.  simple way, less time.

Open cap cut, add new project. import photo, next increase duration of the video.

Next open your screen recorder and start recording, next choose 3d zoom pro option and apply.

Go back to first step and click on effect, choose party option ,next choose strobe effect option, apply.

Mar 10, 2023, capcut 3d strobe editing file 

Get the file :- check here

next turn of screen recorder.

Now open capcut and upload recorded video as anew project. import Music, add to your video. next follow our guide to understand bitterly, there is little tricky steps.

Download the file. Click here


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