capcut is the cool application to do many creative video editing experiments in your mobile, very light size application, there are many application available you can use any editing app, you have to know how to use and work on that particular without confusion. in this latest page editing im using capcut wonderful application, here you can do easily and through simple steps, so to know how to apply similar steps to your video to upload in any social media, let’s go and start making.

also, try 3d zoom with strobe editing

Auto Velocity Video Editing In CapCut App

You may scroll trending auto velocity videos in tiktok or any other social media, if your wish to make certain type of video in your home, let check this page, i have only covered how to create Auto Velocity Video, as i told you have to use capcut app through any free vpn, you can get from our capcut tutorials. now if you go inside editing you have to open app and upload raw video to do edit,

Download video file:- click hereĀ 

  • Next important step, extract audio, using extract audio option.
  • next go to styles, choose auto velocity option, do apply.
  • Go to effects, so party section, apply flash effect option.
  • Go adjust, drag intensity option to zero. here you can change zoom effect. also you can improve remain settings, glow, etc.
  • Filter => movies => one day.
  • Add viral music, download the file given below.
  • Apply music, and save the video.

Download the file, Check here

Download ccapcut apk pro:- click here

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