if you are looking to create cinematic video editing tutorial in your mobile, here you an get complete information and,required apps and materials directly. to create cinematic levels editing in mobile, little tricky and hard, but if you focus on way of creating, favourably you can learn very easily.

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Cinematic Style Video Editing In VN Editing App

To take net levels to your video cinematic effects are very helps you, when that happens to your video, just illustrate how it will be, i have applied such effects and options to my video in live, you can learn if you ever tried such activity. try to learn new editing, that will put in next level. there are so many editing apps and software available, both free and paid. Cinematic is a very pleasant option to get best video.

cinematic video editing

download and open vn app, in new project, select video to apply cinematic style.

  • 21:9 is the cinematic ratio ratio, apply.
  • If your video screen not fit, then choose 16:9.
  • Next upload cinematic bar upload and apply.
  • apply particle at start of the video using plus button.
  • next apply cinematic colour grading.
  • use filters, custom filter.
  • You can add more effects using split option.
  • Zoom, in, zoom out.
  • apply move left, right, top, button, to your splitted video.
  • next apply music

Download material.


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