Is there any way to create lyrics professionally? When your decided to make stylish lyrical editing easily on mobile, it must look like a PC editing. in this scenario, you have to follow right manner guide, that gonna save your time and givs accurte results, so to get most attractive lyrical editing on mobile using kinemaster app follow this page.

Also, try how to make super lyrical only

Create Professional Lyrics Video In Kinemaster Mobile Application

now i’m updating how to create trending lyrical editing on android mobile. if you have mobile device and you want to create PC type lyrical editing on mobile, then you must go with kinemaster app, very accurate and simple app, there are more simple apps available, so now here i’m showing how to create, grab steps and apply while you creating.

Open kinemaster app, install from play store or from official store. next start new project, select 9:16 screen ratio. choose the new background, set time duration to add text, Next select media layer, add photo and set on screen, apply over the background. Next upload new image from layer option. which is particle effect.

next blending, screen apply.

Next choose new layer and upload music, to upload lyrics, get file from here. again apply blending, screen options. now set size and click on done.

Now you have to upload another impressive effects. again apply blending and screen option. now everything added successfully, if any layer time duration more than background layer, just remove using trim option. next import and and save in your browser. simply.

Download Effect”- Click here.

Music effect:- Download

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