Create simple video combining images and add background music. i have a short method that can simply more steps and also you can sort the steps while you creating video using your or any photos. Involve and create any videos with background from photos. Use inshot editing app to complete this task massively, you will add more effects if you use accurate app.

You can do change video background easily

How To Add Background Music For Your Photos InShot

Download and install app or apk from official store, next open app and select screen size or continue with default scree, select images ,multiple adjust time duration of each image, if photos size not accurate then change screen, you an zoom in zoom out.

In the next step you have to apply effects, there are bunch of free effects available, just choose and apply, for this editing i’m using, moment effect. after that apply transition, glitch. next apply various effects. like this slowly apply best effects for your photos, because your images and here demo images are different.

Next add background song, this is our main task, so select best one and apply, you can add free music also.

Like this you can simply add images and background music, if you wan t any help kindly contact us.

Download inshot application.

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