When 3 video clips show on one screen successfully no merge audio, separate time duration under 5 min, to maintain all on the one video simply, to learn how t create that video your self using this page steps. you can do very easily because we have added step by step process to you. choose inshot app to create 3 layers videos in one video scree. you can select bunch of option to create more attractively. through this type you can create funny, action, discuss, debut videos, travel, vlogs,  very interestingly.

You can try, lyrics status video editing

3 Video In One Screen Editing In Inshot App

the Inshot is a very easy editing app to create 3 layer video on one scree. first download the app from this page. or get it from play store. now get from here. open inshot app after installation finish. now open new project upload video from local device, or you can get from our previous pages. next select 19:16 ratio.

next select PIP picture in picture option, select one video, set in tp area, next again click on pip select second video and arrange in the centre. repeat same process to add third video, set on scree. now you have added three videos on same screen, next you have to set some additional options to that is increase second video size to fit on screen without gap.

If there any extra time duration just split and delete the extra part. remove old music to each video, go pip, volume, set 0. next add new music to all videos. now our 3 layer video on one screen ready to export, just save in your device. that all.

very simple way, you can try anytime. to create more follow our tutorials. thankful to you.

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