Do you wanna set black background template to Video? First of all you have to remove video background then replace with black background, here i have covered all details including black colour background template, just save and use to any video. when you change background you can remove unwanted details and it appears very clearly, either a product or person, any thing. if you suppose to remove then follow this tutorial.

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How To Make Black Background Video in Vn Video Editor

According to user question we have created this guide, you can replace background quickly using VN editing app, let me show you briefly the process

Open vn editor app, start new project, upload or select a black colour image. increase duration of black colour background. apply full screen size ratio from screen sizes.

Dec 10 2022, editing, you can follow guide to get full steps for this latest one.

VN Cinematic Colour Grading Tutorial on your mobile:- colour effect

Now use PIP option, upload effect, get effect from this page. next use blending ==> screen option. next upload video, upload green screen background video. remove remove video background, use chroma option.

Sky birds flying background adding guide with material links is here to make on your phone.

Get the material:- Click here

Chroma can remove video background and shows already uploaded background. next increase intensity.

next use filters do little adjust, brightness, highlight, sharpness,etc.

Next export and save. done very simply.

Download Light effect:- Download

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