Photo moving Status Video Editing In Alight Motion is a latest editing. in this page im leaving how to create process and required materials. this page definitely help you some how, so put some concentration to make editing simply and beautifully, i have applied better effects using girl and boy images.

best editing, how to set black screen background to video

Trending Photo Moving Status Video Editing In Alight Motion

All you have to know basic of alight motion app, even without editing skill also you can complete this editing. You can upload whatsapp status and Instagram stores wherever you want it will shine. i have covered very simple steps according to beginners, so if any expert please go ahead.

Open alight motion app, you can get latest working app apk from our previous tutorial. next start your editing, first take a empty project, next select full screen 9:16 screen size. at the same time set your video quality. take one more photo. next apply animation effects left to right. you can apply many type motions.

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Get material for this editing:- Click hereĀ 

Next select images from gallery and upload, set time duration to make a video, add one more photo to same project. apply fill composition, it will cover empty space and set on screen. apply motions to each effect, otherwise it wont look like video. little lengthy process. Once motion added successfully.

Add bg music, upload from device list.

next you have to add download video. upload to project, now use blending and opacity. now all effects added to photos. now its converted as video completely with music. you can create extra videos using any photos. you can help to your friends, just share this page and our tutorial. thank you.

Download the template:- click hereĀ 

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