Hi friends, welcome back to another capcut photo to video editing tutorial. in this special attraction guide, we are going to show new settings to make trending status video for Instagram and whatsapp. You can create similar video in your mobile using capcut application, check the process here.

Also edit how to black background

Now you can make new trending version photo to video using multiple photos, check the demo once, you definitely decide to make video. to make this video we are leaving required materials and process, just go through it and make ease.

Capcut video editing effects

Ho everyone, this is latest editing related materials part. So don’t confuse, just follow dates and get your materials quickly. Our watch guide coverd required steps and materials. Now you can follow. Dec 2022, 30.

All materials :- click hereĀ 

No need to worry or hunt for templates and process, clear cut and easy way elaborated.

Follow Steps:-

If you are a already user of capcut editing app, complete setup. if nay body new to capcut app, must connect to any other country location using VPN.

To make exact video, then you must download one background template, get that file from the at end of the page.

Now upload video, next extract audio and split video from photos point. remove unwanted marks and photos as shown in guide. next upload images from your gallery to add in video, you can add nay nature and beautiful girls and yours, babies, etc.

Then select audio, next generate beats. match the beats to photos, remove extra part beyond the beat, use one photo of one beat. next adjust images like zoom in zoom out. apply animation effect, zoom 1, zoom 2, etc apply. now your video ready, do cross check if any mistakes found correct them and export and save video to your local storage.

Download Link:- Click here

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