Whatsapp brought an interesting update for all WhatsApp users, really this is a piece of very useful information and feature for everyone. Who wants to keep their WhatsApp chat secret from strangers or known persons then this fingerprint option more useful for us.

Set Fingerprint To the Your WhatsApp

At present this is a trending topic for all WhatsApp lovers, most of the people asking us how to enable this feature (setup fingerprint). Today we are going to show you a method that will give a clear solution to enable the fingerprint option.

If you follow this article you will find a link of WhatsApp bet app link, you have to download the app from below link.

Our video also explained about his topic so you can watch.

So without logging iam going into the topic directly.

You must follow some steps that are very important.

Steps To Set Fingerprints.

First, download the WhatsApp beta app from below.

Download the Whatsapp Beta. Download


Playstore: Whatsapp app link

  • Now take your WhatsApp backup successfully. This step is very important.
  • Or else you will lose your previous data.
  • Please take care of backup friends.
  • Now uninstall old whatsapp and install new WhatsApp beta version.
  • Now setup everting and upload backup also.
  • Now go to the settings==account===privacy=== last opton fingerprint lock option.
  • Open and turn on.
  • Choose immediately option.
  • That all.

Above option little hard so guys watch our video for more.

More Words

I hope you can do it very easily WhatsApp fingerprint setup process, in case if you find any error please ask us via the contact section or comment section.

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