If your aadhar card safe with you, no problem, that is good, in case if you miss, what you will do, what is the process. don’t be sad in that cause, there is the solution for everything if you think in the right way, so friends think well.

If you are an android phone operator then you can easily get back your aadhar card without visiting meseva.

How To Get Back Original Aadhar Card If You Miss

We can not get back Somethings but some we can try to get back easily from our hands, so guys are you thinking why he telling this story with us because you don’t want to be the cry.

Now I will give a simple procedure to re-apply for original aadhar card, just follow our procedure or watch the video in youtube completely.

First Visit Official website 

Official Link AAdhar

The above link will take you directly to the entering details page.

Next step enter all details exactly what they asked in there.

Must use your attached mobile number to get OTP.

You must pay 50 Rs. By using any payment method, Like UPI, card, etc.

After successful every step, you will receive a message, every step done.

Wait for 5 to 7 days you will receive your original aadhar card through the Post.


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