you are going to use Inshot editing app to make this latest video editing on your mobile phone and you can get required files to create fantastic girl friend photo highlights lyrics editing. To create successfully just follow up this process.

Another excellent editing app tutorial is here with features, Capcut editing app for Android 

How To Create Best Lyrics Video In Inshot Video Editor

I have a simple process it may take only 5 min, so you can complete on your mobile through inshot app. Download and install app now..

Select images and export to inshot app, next select video size, 4:5.

Now increase image duration, apply zoom.

Next, use filters to get extra quality. Saturation, vintage, etc.

Next, apply blue effect from effects option, style.


Apply all effects through out the image duration.

PIP is the next option to apply. Through this option you can set the same picture on background picture clearly. Next do some colour grading.

Next apply saved videos one by one. Then you video ready.

Get links:- click here 

You can set lyrical at the bottom simply. Like this you can create more attractive lyrics status on Android.

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