Special Day in everybody life, that is their birthday, everybody likes to celebrate with so many wishes and parties. every birthday is one memory. Now is your term how to wish your best birthday wishes. manage their wishes easy with manual editing specially, use their image and use background music and effects, all together ca give awesome result, try now. here i have showed an example.

Also, how to create Viral photo editing in alight motion

Happy Birthday Status Video Editing On Android In Alight Motion App

Latest editing video of happy birthday materials get from here. Dec 4 

This one also gives you superb style editing to your photos, very easily can do on your android phone.

All materials:- download

Are ready to create happy birthday wishes simply and very attractive, you can add in whats app and Instagram, this video support in all social media platform. now you can start using alight motion app.

From my side help i am showing how to makes s well required files. get them and create very happily, you can create many wishes editing using variety styles.

Firs download files.

Music :- Click here

XML :- Check here

Now open alight motion app,

Now add xml files to alight motion. xml files can make easy to edit editing fastly and without confusion, just get aware of how to use xml file.

Inside xml files, you get various layers, just edit and enter your text and images.

You can enter various fonts and colours.


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