Trending Status Video Editing In Vn Editor App, today you can know simple steps to create lofi status video using your images, to know how the output will be, check picture  once. Lofi is new one type of trending effect to create status videos using any photos. Already i have showed how to create lofi status in alight motion app, if you feel that lengthy, try this with vn editing app.

Lofi Status Video Editing In Vn App

Guys, Everybody likes simple editing process, sort steps can save time and give more simply. so, every time some changes occurring rapidly, so we cannot stop or avoid them, if you follow them you get amazing results,finally here with lofi status creation using vn editing app.

Download and open vn editing app.

Next crate new project and select photos and upload to project. once you get all photos in to project, select video size to all pictures. Now increase photos duration. next upload video, that link given below right here.

Now upload to project, now set on screen, and use chroma option, click on blue colour, now your background image appears.

In vn video editor you can simply make lofi video using few materials and tricky steps, get required materials now and complete your editing.

2023 mar 05, editing materials:-

New trending lyrical, vn editing lofi status in VN editor:-

Click here to get all materials.

Download vn editing app:- Check here


green screen:- Click here.

Lyrics:- Download

get all materials:- Check here

Get more materials:- Click here

Next steps are very simple, save present project, take new project and upload original video to second new project, set on screen, now upload saved video , use chroma option and some adjustments required to compete editing, complete them through following the watch guide. now you have to apply animation to move images, then it will appears as video, next upload background music, and text. like this you can add more elements and filters to be more attractive. thank you guys.

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