How To Remove Video Background Without Green Screen, if you don’t know how to add another interesting background to your present video without green scree, typical green screen used to change background very easily, and green screen background changing very popular and all users still continuously using that method, but today i’m discussing without green screen how to edit or change in your mobile very simply without greenscreen setup. to arrange greenscreen setup also little expensive if you are new to editing world, then you can grab and follow tips save your time and enhance your quality of editing.

Also, you can try inshot photo lyrical editing video

How To Remove Video Background Without Green Screen

basic green screen kinemaster video editing app is popular, but without greenscreena and kinemaster you can change very simple, here we have showed you how to do that in capcut app. capcut is international photo, video editing app, present banned in India, but you can still access using quick vpn i have informed it earlier, so you use now.

Download and open capcut application using Singapore region in vpn app. open new project, upload photos which are background photos, upload to your project and set format as 16;9.

Next you have to go over lay and add normal video. set in screen. next use remove background, apply and wait few seconds to reach 100%.

choose Adjust option, increase brightness, sharpness. like this you can replace to any background very simply. less time consume. no need green colour background. you can achieve good quality, adjust our video using reaming editing options.

Background change Download

Download cap cuta pp.

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