Hi everyone, welcome to this blog, today we will show you the 5 wonderful apps for android. These five apps had different uses but all useful for you. If you want to download any app, download link below available.

Also, try to download Change background for photo

Download Best 5 Apps For Android

Here, read the apps features and their uses, all details.

Top 5 List

  • Meteor swipe
  • swipe master
  • Before launcher
  • Snapmod
  • wall x

Now we will read how those apps can use for us.

Meteor Swipe

This is an android application, developed by the Francisco Barroso and this app goes under Personalization category.

Purpose of this app to enable sidebar, this sidebar contains all favorite apps in verticle line. You can choose easily and very stylishly.

You can add anything in this sidebar like contact, thems, blacklist, etc.

You can select the attrative theme.

App size is 4.1 MB

Requires Android version 4.2.
Download the app.

Swipe Master

This application also available at very less MB, size is 5.6 MB. Rating is 4.7. 

Just swipe and select which app you to. This is also one type of tool category app.

You can add any useful app icon into here, you can do open easily when it wants. Really a useful app I think so. You can watch our video to know more.

Download the app fro below.

Click Here To Download.

Before Launcher App

App developers Before Labs company developers and this app also go to the Personalization category. 

App occupying space is 7.7 MB.

Requires Android version 7.0 or more.
Use of this app is very fast access to your favorite apps within seconds.

Download Snapmod App

Even you can add screenshots into device frames this app allows these features.

There are different models available you can choose the best one.

This app is also available under 10 MB. App size is 6.4MB

This app offering by the Gavin Liu company.

Wall X App

This app got 4.7 ratings out of 5 got a more good response from people. Available at 3.6 MB data.

App providing to us 4K, HD wallpapers, those are all added in this app you can easily set anyone. Added moe good new wallpapers.

More good features are this app automatically creates your screen suitable wallpaper that is why it can save s the battery life.

Download the app.

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