Today we came here gain with some top 5 apps, which apps most useful in our day to day life. hence we will give you some interesting, fun apps. All apps links, the app uses, their downloads links and process is given here. also, you can watch our video up to end. In the old article, we have explained some top 5 apps, if anybody missed reading, you can read now from here top 5 useful apps

Download Top 5 most Useful, Fun Apps.

List is

  • Temp Mail
  • Lit Photo
  • Moji Pop
  • Video Ringtone for incoming calls
  • Wheel Launcher Light app.

So, those are today our top 5 best apps, below you can read complete details.

Temp Mail

So our beginning app name is temp mail, This app can apart in our day to day works so here how to use we will show you.

Normally we will not use our personal mail with anywhere, in some cases, you must use the mail-in untrusted place then how? simply tamp mail will use in those cases so download the app and select any fake mail.

Inside this app all details available. App size 6.3MB. Rating is 4.7.

Download the app.

Lit Photo

The company name is Lit photo, Actual app name is Photo compressor, Your ROM storage full? then you decide to delete some photos, No need to delete a single photo just keep them and try to use this photo compressor app this app can reduce photo sizes easily.

app details and the download link below available.

App Size 3.2Mb

Rating is 4.8.

Download the app.

MojiPop App

Our next app name is Mojipop, this app can create little fun to your uploaded photos. if you want to create fun just use this beautiful application.

Just upload and see the magic how it will create the fun to your phot.

App Size 75Mb

Download the app. Click Here

Video Ringtone for Incoming Call

This app also makes more fun when you receive any incoming call, you can surprise your friends by using this app just download and select any one of the videos and see the magic.

While came any incoming call this app brings some crazy video. Must need internet.

App rating isĀ  4.3

App Size 38MB.

Download the app.

Wheel Launcher light

Our last app name is wheel launcher light, This app useful like a shortcut button to open any app easily. more details provided in the video.

App Size 6.6 MB

Download the app

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