Today our interesting topic is top 5 apps for Android. Here we are telling the interesting top 5 Best Android apps, you can get it all together from here. Download link below available.

Top 5 Crazy Apps Download


  • WhatsTools For WA Status
  • Blue light Filter
  • Super backup
  • Jina App drawer
  • Wallpapers Hd

Taht is today top 5 list.

Now we gonna see their uses and download links. But our video will explain very interestingly so you can watch that one also.

Out first app is

WhatsTool For WA Status

I can say this is one of the best app for all WhatsApp users, you can get more additional features from this app, that all gonna give you better results rather than others. You can refer this app to your friends also.

Get new features like new gifs, status saver, audio type, etc.

Download the app from here.

App size 10.22 MB ONLY.

our second app is

Blue light Filter

This app got 4.7 rating and giving better results for all mobile lovers, this app available for Android devices so if you have any problem with your mobile lights just turn on this app. This app protects your eyes from unwanted blue lights.

Download the app.

Super Backup

In this app huge uses hidden you can backup all your previous data easily with one place, that is super backup app, download this app and start getting backup.

Download the app.

Jina App Drawer

This app can make your phone more crazy looks, more details available in our video. Download the app from below.

Download the app.

Wallpapers HD App

Use more advanced wallpapers from this app, more hd, 4k wallpapers available. Just try once or watch our video to know more.

Download the app.

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