Hi guys if you are very e interested to create this love lyrical WhatsApp status video then download all the links provided in a link given below for an hour step by step process which gives a perfect editing video which makes you feel stunning and very enthusiastic about this editing video for our guidelines which make a perfect editing video.

Bad Boy template with images and other requirements, click here to visit

How To Create Trending WhatsApp Status, Follow Steps, Template

Start editing this video by using our guidelines which makes the video formats perfectly .
Use our tips and tricks which makes the video Fantabulous.
Firstly you need to download the kinemaster application then open the application and select the ratio which I had selected .
Next select images of your own which makes the video perfectly as you wish.
Next at the lyrical video which makes the video as great as you see .

Download links

next at the template which gives a special effect to the video after adding all the files make some adjustments to look the video perfectly as you wish.

if you had any doubts regarding this video then comment me in competition I will definitely reply to your comment and please share this video to your friends and family members and subscribe to our channel for more videos.


Effects download:- Click here

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