Hi guys if you are very enthusiastic about this editing video for bad boy .

Then this video is for you .
You can make this video and keep in your status to get more craze in social media and get more attractive love from them.

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How To Create Bod Boy Lyrical Editing Status Template

For this creativity video you need to download all the links given below .
Next add the images of your own and convert your image into PNG form , so that you look amazingly in the video .
Next add the template which will gives a special look to the video .

bad boy video link:- Download
After that add the bad boy effect to the video .
This is the very effective look and gives a tremendous look to the video .
Next add the template which gives a perfection of the video .
Next add the lyrical video which will be most grateful and will be very effectively and gives a stunning features to the video .
After adding all those files once recheck whether you had done any mistakes .
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2) colourful template link:- Download

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