You can observe many shades in sky, normally sky is blue, but when the seasons change automatically some change happens in the sky, if you add lightning sky effect to your photo background, how is it? here i m a simple guide to add amazing new sky effect to your photo easily. so check our latest sky background changing effect editing in vn app.

Also,try cinematic style effect in vn appĀ 

Add Lightning Sky Effect Your Photo Or Video Background || Instagram reels Trick

This is an interesting and working method to make fantastic Instagram reels, to increase your followers you have to create some magic in your photos or videos, they must look attractively then only you can get vast followers, they get crazy after look your editing images.

To create stunning sky effect images to your video, video goes viral automatically, no need to share too heavily, so all kind of trick works when your video has that potential. To create that magic, just follow our tutorial, if you are new to vn editing app, check our previous vn editing tutorial for beginners.

sky light add background

now i will give very quick guide to make video, if you know vn editing, then you can use this guide simply.

  • first open vn editing app. download and install from our previous tutorial.
  • Open new project, upload your video to add sky effect.
  • first download sky effects.
  • Now click on the photo image add option, add sky effcts from download folder.
  • Now cover normal sky.
  • Now use mask option, do double click on the liner option. you get arrow button, adjust them.
  • Again add your video on the screen.
  • next use chroma option, do zero spill option, keep 20 intensity.
  • Now export up to completed, next add light effect in that video.

i hope you like our creations simply, please like and share.

Download sky effect.


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