Welcome back with another most interesting shake effect status editing for Instagram and whatsapp status. we are making sake effect with additional effects and lights using one template in alight motion app. if you are new to alight motion app editing first download suitable version alight motion from this post. you can stat now using our temple and guide.

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How To Create Shake Effect Status Video Editing In Alight Motion

So many editing apps appears but each app has their own speciality, some apps can give features on particular part like colour grading, quality, frames, motions, backgrounds, adding new elements, etc. likewise today im using alight motion this s an wonderful application to create motion effect app using 160+ frames.

To apply amazing creativity to your videos you have to do alot of thing additionally, for that you must go through some apps and private templates, etc.

to create this simple editing in your mobile like us, just you need few minutes, do observe carefully and start editing.

alight motion is a free and paid editing app, you can use free with watermark, you can use without watermark also, just unlock pr version, very quickly you can use all options.

Alight motion trending video editing in 2023:-

All materials:+ click hereĀ 

Some hard steps contain in this method if you are new to editing, check each step carefully,

lets do:-

1} you have to download one xml file.

2} open that file in alight motion, for that, click on the downloaded file then use send option, next select alight motion.

3} Now your file successfully added to alight motion. now open the app and select file.

4} Next click on the add button select music.

5} next select images til end of the video.

Like this you can create very nicely long length videos in alight motion app. This app supports in all Android mobiles.

Download template XML file:- click here .

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