How to create aesthetic Instagram reels video In vn editor? To gain more views and followers in Instagram or in any social media platform in genuine way, you must create aesthetic high quality and people interested videos, when you hear that, how can you implement that to give to your video. any one can do video Editing but creative editing can do only people, to enhance your skills in that range you have to do little extra hard work, that gives more efficiency.

Also, try add sky effect to video your to upload in Instagram

How To Create High Quality Instagram Reels Using VN Editor

There are many application can allow you to edit your photos and videos, have i chosen VN Editor app? VN editor is a simple android mobile editing software it gives plenty options to get amazing video. it has multi options to edit video or photo.

When your video or photo need some extra effects or filters as your thought, you have to choose the all features having supporting apps hardly. VN and kinemaster are both best editing apps, just check the demo and select your app. This video editing done in vn app.

Now im going to show you how to add thunder, sky, background, music filter effects to your video in simple way don’t skip any step and stuck some where. follow watch and every step and complete video successfully.

First open the video editor if installed or download vn editor apk mod unlocked. To create or to do practicing i have provided all materials and app in this page.

Steps TO Create In VN editing, New thunder looks video

All materials click here

  • Open video editor app, add video to new project. Remove or delete default back colour background.
  • Click on music icon and add your favourite music in this step. choose free music file.
  • Next color grading, click on video, click, on filters, choose adjust drag to -100 % saturation. Increase sharpness 10 to 20 %. next go filters scroll and select lune filter option, select L! option.
  • Change to -100% temperature.
  • Increase Exposure 50 %.
  • Brightness also increase 20%.
  • Now video converted to day to night mode. Increase hue to more night mode colour.
  • Next you need thunder effect, download the file from here.
  • Do adjust on screen, go to musk select liner option. Use arrow button the drag and drop in correct position.
  • Next apply blending option and set on the screen.
  • Next add text, add text button put your lyrics on the screen.
  • You can edit fonts, colors, size, style, etc.
  • Now add motion, for that click on the layer and select motion button, choose any option and apply on the screen doing some adjustments.
  • Check once again complete video and do finalize and save in your device hen upload in Instagram to get more followers.

Download 1st effect Click here.

Download 2nd effect Click here

Downlaod prequel app editing, Click here.

I hope you learn this editing.


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