Blur video background like DSlR camera, when your video background details not interest to show others. to now how to apply blur to video background only, front ground comes without doping quality. to know how i applied to my video, exactly you can apply same option to your video to blur video using simple application on android. that is capcut app. here you get complete procedure and required template file also. using that file you can practice once in your device then you can get one idea, after that confidently you can focus on your videos with out nay failures.
let ‘s go inside the tutorial.

You can try, 3d intro making video using kinemaster

How To Blur Video Background On Mobile

Download capcut application, if you dont have working app, get from our page, next you have to insall. that is very quick process. once that process complete, open capcut app, you have to use quick vpn app, dont forget, if you don’t know how to use capcut, watch our how to connect capcut app to android mobile in India.

video background blur editing

  • Open new project upload video to so background blur.
  • Delete watermark default page.
  • Next select effect option, go to basic option, you will see blur option after little scroll.
  • Now apply to total video using drag and drop option.
  • Now click on overlay option, click on plus button re upload same video from gallery.
  • fit on scree, next select remove background option, directly.
  • Now your video background blur completed.
  • You can save simply.

Next Method:-

Upload video, choose background remove option. next add any free background or filters. like this you can apply many good filters and effect to your video. you can remove background also. fantastic fee effects available in cap cut app.

very simple editing, less steps required.

Download app Click here

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