Hello friends, here is another lyrical video editing tutorial, learn how to make on your mobile using alight motion app. this is little more lengthy process, but you can get more motion and styles on your editing simply. if you are really trying to make good lyrical editing you can use this guide.

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Lyrics Status Video Editing In Alight Motion

Text Lyrics Video Editing In Alight Motion. are you ready to complete successfully, you can practice using require materials from this page. i am going to explain in good manner, check step by step process, you can learn more and more editing from us.

First open alight motion app, now you can start editing. Create 9;16 screen video.

Select image or video to new project. increase image duration. set on screen if that is image, you have to apply some motions left to right.

Now start adding shadow effects to video. add movements left to right.

Next you have to add another effect to the video, stars. apply bending to mix on image video. add overlay.

Next add lyrical to video and complete the video successfully,

Click here to get materials

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