Guys this is another highlight moving photo glow effect lyrical editing with various particles and styles using capcut app. this is editing friendly tutorial to make atheistic text glow with photo moving effects editing. You can make anytime using your mobile and required files. if you are looking for materials you can get in this page.

Also, try glowing text lyrical editing in alight motion app

Text Glow lyrics Video Editing In Capcut | Capcut Editing

Let me give a brief expiation step by step process to make this extraordinary editing. first of all open capcut app, or install and open if you are not using yet. (use vpn to connect if not working in your location.)

Take new project, select image, set images on screen using zoom out or in. set image duration to apply movements.

in teh next step create motion to the image. apply png image. Materials:- click here .Next add overlay. effects to video. use particle effects, spark effect. etc.

Apply all effects to til end.

Next lyrics part, this part available in all materials, just get hem and apply.

To create very attractively, you must apply all effects ans styles one by one, if you get ant confusion, check our tutorial one more, everything will be okay. thank for here,

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