Hi friends, welcome back to another superb lyrical editing. In this page i have explained an easy way to make after effects text on capcut app. despite so any another apps and another methods i have chosen this easy method, as well here you get steps to create even in capcut app.

Also, try lofi type status editing in inshot app

In this simple editing you can make plane background and after effects colourful text style editing using capcut features and tools. the app tools give much more help you to create wonderful editing everyday to your social media status. let me give a demo and example video editing. to create similar one as a practice some files requires you let get them from this page. every body can write text using default option in their mobile, but to  give extra effects, how? in that criteria this app helps you.

here is the step by step guide.

As you know create new project to create this editing. Select black colour background and type text using text option with bold type.

extra audio from the video after used free effects to the text, to make more length do copy available text and make copies.

next select rectangle and apply to same parts. this is crazy editing guys you may get confuse. so be focus, you can avoid some steps. Download materials.

next take colour and apply,next apply movements.

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