Photos to video creating app with amazing effects and editing. do you ever made using any app? whatever it may be, in this page im showing you how to create using best android application, which available at free of cost without any restriction.

capcut editing tutorial 

How To Make Photo Video Editing In Vita App

To start this editing in your phone you have to follow some steps, which i used in our tutorial. first download and install vita app. because we are making this editing using vita editing app. latest and another best app to create video from images. use any images like camera captures or downloads, whatsapp images etc, this app can allow all type images. next you have to select background song, but before that you have to apply some effects to each photo. song details and link added here you can get from this page.

if you dont aware of it, check here. after done two steps, click on the mark option, select beat maker. add some marks. extend images length, use cut option and remove unwanted time length. select 9;16 ratio. zoom and fill the image.

Now click on effect choose best effect or use recommended flash effect. many category filters and effects you can apply for various editing. also, you can apply light, texture, etc.

Now click on add flash 4.

next select on animation option, apply any shake effect to next image throw L.

next click on particle effect, add best one fire effect particle).

like this you can add many animations using vita pp on your mobile, you can edit any time, just keep learning more things.

next export to your device successfully.

Download vita app.

Click here to get the link.

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