Welcome back to another alight motion shake effect tutorial. this will be also very blissful effect to your raw video, you can apply new motion effects to your stunning images which you seen in the tutorial. so to create such best motion effect lyrical editing.

Also, try alight motion editing present editingĀ 

Alight Motion Trending Effect Lyrical Shake Effect Editing

To apply shake effects to your video, that not possible directly, so in that time we have to use that particular editing option application, but more than one method available i have used alight motion app. you can get same app which i used to work, get the app and required material from this page.

Now i will give a step by step guide that will definitely take you through complete editing. if you installed alight motion and effects. first open first effect and import into alight motion. next import second effect.

HDR cc video editing in alight motion

Through this materials you can complete HDR cc video editing in alight motion app. Get all materials:- click here

Little confusing method, so you have to stay attention.

To concur confusion, follow our video guide.

Even you can not understand by reading sometime, so, this is one of the wonderful shake effect using variety options. Very amazing shake effect added to you video. First save your raw video using photos to video editing app or take nature capture as background.

You can edit stunning background effects and lyrical editing in your mobile, so very exciting editing. You can create more and more editings daily, if you follow us.

Click here to download first . Song beat mark preset.

Shake effect present link download

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